Introducing: Shop Witchslapped

The day you’ve dreamed of is finally here. Shop your favourite Witchslapped looks of days gone by, and peruse some fresh selections for fall… we’ve launched our online store!



It’s no secret that we prefer second-hand clothes. Fashion is the SECOND most polluting industry on this precious planet after oil and gas. Too often, big fashion companies use cheap and toxic materials while underpaying and overworking their employees.

While there are lots of sustainable brands out there doing great work, we simply think buying second-hand is easier. You cut the manufacturing process out completely, and save materials from piling up in landfills.

Why give this man your money when you can buy all this?



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  1. You should probably make sure people are atleast 18+ for a website with this much language. My eyes are bleeding right now and brain is going through nuclear meltdown. Ill probably be stuck in the fetal position for the next week.

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