Handmade With Dream and Love

With toques on our heads and umbrellas in hand, we waltzed to Aldo’s spring collection launch in the unremitting Vancouver rain last Friday. Our delight to be attending the event couldn’t be dampened, even if it felt like it had been raining for 5 million hours straight. Two successful, local designers were showcasing top looks from their F/W collections – Connally Mcdougall and Alex S. Yu.

We were lucky enough to meet them both. They were incredibly friendly, enthusiastic and humble–we couldn’t believe we were enjoying conversations with designers whose collections we’d been gaping at a week earlier at Vancouver Fashion Week.


After pulling ourselves together and trying to conceal the fan girls inside of us, we snatched the last of the complimentary chocolate and took a look around. Aldo had some gorgeous spring accessories and their new collection included cool-as-eff shoes. We were both crying about these loafers.

Alex S. Yu’s models were also wandering around the store. Decked out in his designs, silver eyeliner and welcoming smiles, they did a fabulous job at showcasing the graphic tees and colourful toques the Canadian designer had bought to the event. As soon as we laid eyes on his t-shirts, we knew we weren’t going to leave without one!


Inspired by many-a-human’s favourite high school movie, Mean Girls, the designs incorporated a quote from the film juxtaposed with bright, beautiful block colours and vibrant images of random objects. A single strip of shiny pink material was sewn ironically on each and with every gaze, we noticed different objects and shapes – they were the coolest graphic tees we’d ever seen!


We spent a few minutes deliberating which of the four we would each purchase. Em went with Cady’s line “The limit does not exist” and Meg chose Gretchen’s “That’s so fetch.”


Alex S. Yu handed us each a transparent bag containing our prized tees, some sweet postcards of his designs and cute cards listing care instructions. One can tell his clothing is made to last so its owner can feel like a badass bitch for as long as possible.



When we got home, our appreciation and respect for Mr. Yu only grew. On the flip side of his cards was a message that read, “Made with dream and love.” fAn GiRLs 4eVeR.


Feast your eyes on some of Alex S. Yu’s designs by following him on Facebook and Instagram!

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