Taking Vancouver Fashion Week by storm with Sara Armstrong


Nothing’s blown our minds at Vancouver Fashion Week quite like Sara Armstrong’s collection, which closed the evening of March 18. Armstrong’s showcased her work at VFW before, and came back this year to cement her place as one of Vancouver’s top emerging designers. Her unique and cohesive collection stood out from the crowd like a futuristic sore thumb. The music, the models, their hair and make-up–everything about Sara’s show was just different and you could feel a shift in the room when her show began. People were paying attention.



Armstrong’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection is unmistakably modern but centres on her Scottish heritage. Imagine what a Medieval Scottish monk would wear if he was going to a NYC party in 2015. The “collection is the communion of past, present, and future,” she said in a press release. “There’s a lot of pride in my family name. Since I began sewing, my Dad has been asking me to make him a kilt. Instead, I’ve made him a collection.” Judging by the crowd’s reaction to her collection, it looks like Armstrong won’t just be making her Dad proud, but her whole city.

We caught up with Armstrong to talk about her inspiration this season, and how it feels to finish a collection.



What inspired your designs this season?

This season was inspired by my father and his pride in our last name. Medieval Scottish winterscapes [was my inspiration].


How involved are you backstage?

Everything about the show is conceptualized–mood, hair, makeup, shoes, music, and video is all part of the whole picture. We have to all share a commonality for the collection to be successful. Producing garments is only 25 per cent of the work per season and campaign.



How did you feel once the show was done?

This season was my largest collection yet, but it still goes by so quickly. It always takes me about the time to pack up and go home to feel finished! But this season we also have a re-see and pop up shop at thisopenspace- so it definitely didn’t feel even close to finished when everyone had walked off.


Do you feel support from this city?

Big time yeah, I have an amazing group of friends and a great team.



What’s next for you and your designs?

Hopefully a lot of production and collaborations.

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