Megan Magdalena and Her Boys

UPDATE! Megan’s project BOYS BOYS BOYS was picked up by Dazed! Find it here.

Megan Magdalena’s work always entertains. The Vancouver photographer’s images of women and women’s bodies are captivating, colourful, and unforgettable. A list of her past projects on her website reads like any cool girl’s dream–one’s called “queen bitch,” another, “me ow,” and definitely don’t miss “b00ty w0rship.”

This Friday, the one-of-a-kind artist and all-around badass launches a new project that’s a bit different: all the pictures are of boys. The zine, BOYS BOYS BOYS, comes out this Friday at a party Megan’s hosting at What’s Up? Hot Dog! on E Hastings Street in Vancouver. Read our interview with Megan about the zine and check out more of her work with the links below.


How’d you get the idea for BOYS BOYS BOYS?

It came out of anger for sure. I am mad about how women are sexualized and censored, and about gender in general. I don’t believe in gender and I don’t think nudity–male or female–in art should be censored.

How does it differ from your other work?

To be honest, it doesn’t. I’ve always photographed my friends in this way, but most of my friends just happen to have boobs and vaginas.


What was the biggest challenge in putting the zine together?

Catching my typos…and just dealing with my own unrealistically high standards. This is the first zine I’ve ever made and I’m already obsessed with making more.

What was your favourite moment while shooting?

I had amazing conversations before each shoot. It was just so inspiring to be able to go deep into these issues with my male friends and hear their thoughts. It provided me with a lot of sanity.


What do you hope people take away from the zine?

As with everything I create, I hope it causes people to question something about themselves and their views. I want people to either love it or hate it, but I want them to question why either way.

Tell us a bit about the party on Friday.

I’m so excited! It’s at my work, What’s Up? Hot Dog!, which is a punk rock restaurant owned by my friends. We’ve got burgers and beers and board games. It’s awesome. I’ll be there from noon-midnight to slang zines and chat about these issues with anyone who wants to! At 7pm my partner, Kyle, who’s in the zine too, and I are gonna play some of our favourite records until the shop closes. And $15 gets you a zine AND a pint of beer. I think that’s a killer deal. I always want my art to be accessible and fun.



Megan Magdalena is a photographer in Vancouver. See more of her work on Instagram and her personal site.

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