Fearlessly Feminine: Lessons from the Owners of Mine & Yours

Not only was Eco Fashion Week a blast (we got to dress up everyday, sip wine and stare at some of the most stylish baes we’ve ever seen), it was also one of the most life-altering events we’ve attended. In part because it opened our eyes to the many ways fast fashion harms our planet and the role we play as individuals. We also got to meet inspiring people who make eco clothing and run businesses with these ethical values in mind.

At an event for designers and media, we met two delightful women as we gulped down beer and devoured locally-made hummus on crackers (can you think of a better combo?). We were introduced to Jigme Nehring and Courtney Watkins and were captivated by their energy in a flash. These lovely entrepreneurs told us about their luxury fashion resale and consignment store Mine & Yours. Nehring and Watkins described their experience growing the store, being women in the predominantly male realm of business, and how it feels to be following their dreams. We were enchanted by their words and knew we had to learn more about their journey to success!

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