Your Clothes Cost a Lot More Than You Paid For Them

Fashion is the best. So it’s too bad the fashion industry is the worst — or second worst, if you wanna get technical. That’s right. The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry on the planet, only after oil and gas.… Continue Reading

Feel Good In (and About) Your Bathing Suit

To wear your literal underwear in public is somewhat intimidating. As much as we try not to, it’s normal to care about what other people are thinking when they look in your direction on a beach or by a poolside. But to concern yourself… Continue Reading

Save the Planet and Still Serve Looks

Have you noticed anything different around here? We hope not. You see witches, we have something to announce. We’ve been experimenting for a while and it’s time to commit. 100 per cent. All in. After years of flirting with the… Continue Reading