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Hello dear friends, and Happy Samhain!

With the onset of fall and all it entails – crisp days, less sunlight and a tendency to hibernate – it’s a perfect time to reflect on the past year and consider the endeavours you’d like to focus your energy on in the upcoming twelve months. Saying goodbye to long summer days and evenings spent outdoors isn’t necessarily all terrible. Shorter days and longer evenings means more time to snuggle indoors with loved ones and more time to be with yourself.

And plus, it’s literally witch’s new year! There’s something hopeful about celebrating the new year in fall. Over the winter you cocoon yourself, turn inwards and prepare a new stage to give life to in spring.

On that note, we have been thinking a lot about Witchslapped and what we would like it to be.

We’ve been hoping for years that this is building up to something, but we’ve never really found it. We’ve always hoped it would eventually become bigger than us, a creative outlet for tons of women from all walks of life. But we also feel strongly that outside contributors should be paid for their work and this just hasn’t been possible. After two whole years, our Google ads total is at $17. So we tried selling clothes, and (this we’re pretty sad and embarrassed about) barely sold anything at all. We certainly didn’t cover our costs.

So Witchslapped is taking a happy little breather. Maybe it’ll morph into something new, or maybe we’ll be taken in other directions. We will still post occasionally when inspiration strikes us. We’re not sure what it’ll become — more witch, less slapped? More writing, less fashion? Wdk.

In the meantime we’re going to chill, and spend our energy pursuing other creative passions.


Happy Halloween!!! Will Witchslapped rise from the dead?

We sincerely hope anyone who does read this enjoys the season. Sip some wine and slurp some soup with your best buds. Take yourself on an afternoon stroll through the dried up autumnal leaves and decide what creative hankering you’re going to focus your attention on in the coming months.

Lots of love,

Meg & Emma

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