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Having a partner makes everything in life easier. Someone to make the coffee in the morning, to always Snapchat on your lunch break, and come home to at night. That one other person who always gets it and always gets you.

A few months ago, I was having a particularly rough time. My on-and-off again depression was back, I’d broken up with my first true love, and moved across the country only to be unemployed. I came home after what I knew was going to be a particularly hard day, and was immediately comforted. She wasn’t home, but my partner had left me everything I needed to feel better. There was a bouquet of colourful flowers waiting in my room, a note admiring my strength, and chips and hummus in the kitchen (frick yeah).

— E

The first Valentines Day I remember was when I was eight years old. I hid in the school toilets having heart palpitations because everyone outside was making a huge fuss over the fact that Joseph Strong had made me a Valentine’s Day card. Omg were we gunna kiss, were we gunna hold hands, were we gunna sit next to each other in English. NO. All I cared about was my cheesestring and the Spice Girls. I stayed in the toilets for the whole of lunch and then ran home after class. Not a great introduction to a day dedicated to love tbh. It actually changed how I perceived February 14th for years. 

— M


As you get older, Valentines Day becomes less about romantic love, and more about love in general. But from a young age, we’re fed these ideas of what Valentines Day is supposed to be about as much as the chocolate we feed ourselves to forget about it. Those in relationships are supposed to have a romantic dinner, receive a dozen heart-shaped chocolates in a heart-shaped box, gift a gross teddy bear that says “I love you” when you push its belly … NO ONE WANTS THAT TEDDY BEAR. And singletons are supposed to buy a tub of ice cream and cry alone in bed watching Her.

I guess it’s nice to have a day that celebrates the one thing the world needs more of, but shouldn’t all kinds of love be celebrated all the time?

Here at Witchslapped, we have a profound, honest and real love for each other, that’s also platonic. These relationships are so important to nurture and appreciate for many reasons.


At Aldo’s spring 2015 launch in Vancouver.

We love each other, we love our friends, we love our families, we love Meg’s parents’ dogs . . . why does everyone act like romantic relationships have a monopoly on love? Isn’t love something that should be shared with everyone?

So this Valentines Day, give your love to anyone you’re grateful for. Your friends, your siblings, that barista who makes you smile or even the bus driver who brightens your mornings. Everyone needs to feel appreciated, especially if they aren’t the type to openly share the loves nestled inside their hearts.

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