Goddess Reads: The Diary of Frida Kahlo


We all know Frida. Her self portraits are stunning and style unmistakable–she’s the one with the thick unibrow and all the flowers coming out of her head.

Behind the brilliant art is, unsurprisingly, a fascinating human being. Her lifelong journal, which was never intended for publication, is The Diary of Frida Kahlo: An Intimate Self-Portrait. Poems, sketches, and fully coloured drawings give us a glimpse into the mind of a truly genius woman. For context, the book provides essays about her childhood, her relationships, and her illnesses. Frida lived through polio, a brutal street car accident that injured her terribly, and (what she called the other “accident” she lived through) multiple marriages to Diego Rivera. Leave the monotony of Earth life behind and get lost in Frida’s harmonic poetry and entrancing paintings. In Frida’s world, we all have wings.

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