4 Pages to like if you get your news from Facebook

“I know I shouldn’t say this to two journalism students, but I basically get all my news from Facebook,” my roommate Ali said to Megan and I last year, slightly ashamed. I was surprised that she was embarrassed, since I figured most people our age do exactly that. There’s no need to feel bad about getting your news from Facebook, since it provides a curated feed of stories your friends and family find interesting. Sometimes it’s nice to delve a little deeper though, and get news on your feed as it happens, not just when someone shares it. Here are our picks for pages to like if you rely on Facebook to stay up to date with the world.



This news site provides a great mix of short, easy-to-digest clickbait and hard-hitting news. With stories on world events, public policy, science, and music, Mic actually does have something for everyone. Our recent favourites: One researcher discovered what America will look like by 2050—and it’s beautiful, and While no one was looking, tensions in Ukraine reached an all-time high.



Think Progress is an American site providing news on social justice, economy, and the environment. If you’re interested in American news or any social justice movement, this is a great page to like. Good stories they’ve had lately: Barack Obama can’t solve the Grammys’ Chris Brown problem (did you know the producers of the Grammys literally called themselves the “victims” of Chris Brown?) and New Texas plan would assign lawyers to fetuses. Ugh.


Everyday Feminism

This site features a ton of must-read stories everyday. If you’re looking for interesting takes on the world from perspectives that are normally overlooked, this is the place to go. Recent goodies: How transphobia in the LGBTQIA+ community tarnishes our history, and More than a theory, more than a trend: Making your white anti-racism a lifestyle commitment.


Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

Not a website or media company, Poehler’s page simply rounds up interesting links about smart women. Killer ladies in all industries—education, science, music, art, fashion—are celebrated for their important contributions to the world. Definitely a page we can get down with.


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