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We’re a fashion blog for witches. We know fashion has the potential to unleash creativity and confidence, without destroying the Earth. Too bad it’s not what the industry is known for. That’s why we style with all ethically-made or second-hand clothes, and celebrate women who embrace their power.

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Emma is a mostly-witch with some mermaid tendencies. Her writing has appeared on HuffPost Canada, The Atlantic, VICE News, and Motherboard. Originally from Venus, she lives in Toronto with her guardian angel.


Adella Rose Khanpink twitter iconpurple instagram icon

Adella is the fearless fae behind our special series Thick Thoughts. Queer, brown, and full of love, she probably wants to give you a hug.


Megan McCleanpink twitter iconpurple instagram icon

Meg is a quiet soul with big dreams. She spends her days researching for a social impact marketing agency and the rest of her time soaking up life’s low-key pleasures (friendship, flowers, beer and books).



  1. Hey! Love your style! I’m just curious as to if y’all are still situated in Ottawa? 🙂

    • Hey Jade! We both used to live in Ottawa when we went to Carleton, but we’re in the rain puddle called Vancouver right now! Thanks for reading <3

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