The Never Ending Summer Comes to an End


It’s been quite a summer to say the least. This time last year, Meg and I were living at a hostel in the French alps with no life plan whatsoever.¬†Our lack of planning led to a series of spontaneous decisions (the best way to live!) and we ended up moving in with her family in Vancouver. It feels like summer hasn’t ended since last year, because the weather in France and Vancouver was so mild.

But if the cool days we’ve had recently are any indication, fall is on its way. We recently moved into a new place in Toronto and we’re ready to accept¬†sweater weather, red leaves, and (reluctantly) reality.





Top, Wilfred

Shorts, from a friend at a clothing swap (thanks Leona <3)

Belt, actually Dad’s suspenders worn sideways lol

Shoes, Converse

Watch, Value Village

Ring, Museum of Anthropology gift shop

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