Save the Planet and Still Serve Looks

Have you noticed anything different around here? We hope not.

You see witches, we have something to announce. We’ve been experimenting for a while and it’s time to commit. 100 per cent. All in. After years of flirting with the idea, we made a big change to Witchslapped a few weeks ago.

We officially broke up with fast fashion.

It might feel good in the moment, but long term it’s not right for us. And it never treated our mother (Earth) right anyways.

Good riddance. Fuck you. Cheerio. Byeeeee.

We have a new love, and it’s for real this time. Second-hand clothing is experienced, has already lived its life, and isn’t afraid to hug you in the right way. Nothing feels better than finding that treasure that fits perfectly.

Take a look at what we’ve already styled with *exclusively* second-hand clothing…

1-meg-witchslapped-summer-dress-blue-crop-top-tshirt-outfit-1024x683 smaller-5-1024x6821-checked-shirt-collar-hat-dress-pants-how-to-wear-1024x683dressing-up-a-camo-jacket-as-a-shirt-fall-style-witchslapped-1024x6821-how-to-wear-crazy-print-prints-together-pattern-animal-leopard-aztecwitchslapped-witchwear-best-vintage-shops-stores-toronto-2015

Oh yeah, and those ~fun n’ flirty~ festival outfits from last month? ALL THAT STUFF TOO! And these ones…


It’s just as easy to look cool in used clothes. And we’ll continue to feature some new stuff, but with conditions.

We’ll introduce you to brands and entrepreneurs that share our dedication to sustainability. We’ll introduce you to designers who make their garments and jewellery here in North America, and who have something to say about protecting the Earth. It just doesn’t feel right anymore to support an industry that has such little regard for the planet, and even less for the humans who live on it. Stay tuned for more posts about the ecological impact of the fashion industry.

Save the planet, and still serve looks.

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