Make Any Thrifted Jacket One-of-a-Kind

I’ve wanted a jean jacket with a cool collar since we went shopping in France. The best store we found in Paris, Omaya Vintage, had a million denim jackets with leopard print collars. I wanted one soOoOoOo bad but I arrived with a packed suitcase and had already bought a wool coat, two sweaters and a pair of shoes anyways. Oops. I slunk back to Canada with the plan to make my own.

Finally! Two weeks ago, I found a decent denim jacket that fit me well. Value Village had a 50 percent off sale, so naturally we went nuts. I decided on velvet rather than leopard print because I had some old black velvet Cheap Mondays that’d been gathering dust in the back of my closet. I loved them dearly, until the seam on the butt ripped… while I was at work. Ugh.


All you need for this DIY is any jean jacket (mine cost like $7.99), some fabric you like, an iron, needle, thread, and ruler or tape measure.


Here are the old-ass pants I’m FINALLY grateful I’ve been saving to “do something useful with.”


I measured the collar and made a tissue paper pattern to cut the fabric with. Add an inch on each side so you have room to fold it over.


Get dem wrinkly bits out.


Line your fabric up and use the iron to fold it over perfectly. Pin in place.


Now you can be excited! It’s gonna look so cool yasss! I sewed mine by hand since three layers of denim plus velvet would probably break the needle on my Mom’s sewing machine. Add an extra line of stitch once the collar’s attached, so that the fabric won’t fray. A basic zigzag will do.


Now I’m just itching to wear it! Seeing as it’s 3 degrees in Toronto in FEBRUARY, I shouldn’t have to wait too long. Get yer sewing needles out pals, spring is almost here!


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