Festival Forecast

It’s basically impossible to stand out in Toronto because everyone roaming the streets is pretty darn cool. This is even more apparent when attending a festival in the city, where most people bring the coolest version of themselves. Top that off with a forecast of humidity and thunderstorms, and you’ve got  yourself an outfit conundrum. When heading to a music festival in a city full of stylish baes, what’s a witch to wear?

For the most part, festivals are a chance to dance freely in the great outdoors, listening to sweet tunes in your favourite summer clothes, surrounded by friends and other love-inducing remedies. Spending the whole day and evening outside listening to talented humans is the literal best case Ontario if you’re truly there, living in the moment. Unfortunately festivals can also be a popularity contest (#coachellainspo) and a time when clueless dipshits parade their ignorance. For some reason, certain populations in the world haven’t quite figured out that it isn’t okay to appropriate different cultures in the name of yolo before returning to comfortable, privileged lifestyles. Luckily, festival organizers are waking up and taking a stand when it comes to offensive attire and accessories.

We’re pretty stoked to be heading to Bestival this weekend and don’t actually give much of a fuck about the impending storms. At least the weather made one decision for us — we have to wear boots! Here are our weekend outfits, somewhat sensible and very much ‘us’.



Hot with thunderstorms




Meg’s in:

Dress, Salvation Army

Hat, Value Village

Shoes, Allegro Retro in Ottawa





Emma’s in:

Jacket, Allegro Retro

Top, from a second-hand store in Vancouver whose name now eludes us

Shorts, from a clothing swap (shout out to Ali!)

Belt, $1 at a yard sale hahahaaaaa yes!

Boots, second-hand Zara from The Patch in Cambridge



Cloudy with a chill




Meg’s in:

Top, Value Village

Jeans, OCD Vintage

Shoes, Dr. Martens





Emma’s in:

Top, Value Village when Halloween shopping to be an alien queen

Jeans, The Clothing Commune

Hat, Value Village (official merchandise of the Indiana Jones movie!!!)


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