All Thrifted Everything

We are super duper excited to be attending Eco Fashion Week. It may have only been two days since the launch but if they’re anything to go by, this week is going to be mAgiCaL! From the friendly faces organizing the events to the designers and creative souls showcasing their work, it has been such a joy to be a part of! Although if you offer us cheese balls and salmon crackers, we’re probably going to love you no matter what.

Monday was all about thrifting, so naturally we were pumped. At least half of our clothing has belonged to someone else before us and Value Village has been a loyal friend of ours for years. What’s more fun than hunting down unique pieces of clothing that hold others’ stories and become part of yours? We love mixing and matching our thrifted clothing and creating novel outfits. Yesterday, we did just that and strolled into Eco Fashion Week head to toe in thrifted clothes (minus Emma’s shoes and Meg’s hat). Here they are!







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