Your Ass is Ready


Hottawa is finally starting to hit some high temps and sunny days, thank goddess! But with it comes the perennial stress that I ought to get my *~beach bod~* ready so I can look like some kind of patriarchal expectation in a bikini.

Let me give you this hot tip to get your ass ready for the summer months: don’t. Your ass has always been ready. Trust me; your ass is probably hot af, to be quite honest.

I’m sorry if someone made you think it’s not. People like to make you feel like you have to groom yourself for capitalism and the male gaze, but the secret is out: you can do whatever the fuck you want with your body.

I love the sun and water like they’ve birthed me and every year I get that first tan, first hike, first toes in the water as soon as I possibly can. Yet somehow, 2014 marked the first year I bought a bikini since I was 15 and trying to starve myself. It also marked the first year I wore short shorts, bodysuits, and entirely see-through tops. It’s not that I didn’t always want these things, because I yearned for them the way only a fashion-hungry fat girl can, but it was the first year I was bold enough to actively deconstruct the politics surrounding my body.

It is a common misconception that only girls with that coveted thigh gap ought to wear high-waisted short shorts and you should really only wear shirts that show off your arms if they’re little and just perfectly toned to not be too muscular or too flabby. Even just thinking about this practically, this is nonsensical. Like hello, it is hot and humid out and I will be wearing the least amount of clothes I can to cool off and give my skin all the sun it dreams about at night.

I do not exist for the pleasure of others and I dress for myself, not the male gaze. It can be really difficult to switch to itty-bitty clothes for warmer months when you’re a thick girl. It takes time to own your look and not stress about the way your thighs rub or your butt jiggles or like, cellulite (I really don’t know what everyone’s beef is with cellulite tbh).

But dudes, it feels so good to go outside in only short shorts and a tank and eyebrows, if that’s how you’re feeling. The sun and wind get to kiss the parts of your thighs hidden in winter only for your lucky lovers and you may actually remain kinda sorta cool in humid climes. Plus, your ass really does look great—I promise.




Top, Forever 21

Shorts (originally Mom jeans duh), Value Village

Shoes, stolen from a friend years ago

Lipstick, Cruella by Nars

Endless gratitude to Fraser Tripp for these GORGEOUS photos <3

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