The Never Ending Summer Comes to an End

It’s been quite a summer to say the least. This time last year, Meg and I were living at a hostel in the French alps with no life plan whatsoever. Our lack of planning led to a series of spontaneous decisions… Continue Reading

Put Half Your Shirt on Your Head

If all the tees I cut into crop tops decided to get revenge, it’d be a bloody mess. I spent much of my youth buying too-tight band tees at pop punk concerts and am left with a pile of shirts with… Continue Reading

Wholesome Witch

We spent a beautiful day at the beach last week! The sun was sOoOoOoO bright, you can bet I was a pinker shade of pale the next day. I looked like a super wholesome preppy sailing instructor and Meg looked… Continue Reading

Sassy Spice

My manager shouted that I looked like the sixth Spice Girl in this outfit yesterday, which I obviously took as the highest compliment. Debate followed on whether I’d be Sassy Spice or Witchy Spice, and if the Spice Girls would even allow… Continue Reading