Stripping Down Norms with Evan Ducharme

Not only were we were lucky enough to feast our eyes on Evan Ducharme’s Saudade collection at Eco Fashion Week, but we also got to introduce ourselves to the designer himself. Both of us were already mesmerized by Ducharme’s distinctive, minimalist collection and once… Continue Reading

Dreaming Big with Ivana Knezović

It was love at first sight. When our eyes were graced with Ivana Knezović’s creations hanging from a rail at Eco Fashion Week’s pre-runway gathering, we had to go over to see each piece in detail. Her dreamy collection emanates elegance and femininity yet each design… Continue Reading

Saudade by Evan Ducharme

When we first saw Evan Ducharme, we were intimidated. With style and bone structure to kill for, he was one of the first people we wanted to photograph when we arrived at Eco Fashion Week’s launch on Sunday night. The intimidation quickly disappeared… Continue Reading

Upcycled Evening Wear by Carlie Wong

Last night Carlie Wong presented her evening wear collection made especially for Value Village’s 68-pound challenge at Eco Fashion Week. The average North American throws away 68 pounds of textiles and clothing every year! Inspired by that, Value Village asked Wong… Continue Reading