Squeaky Clean Face

Although I don’t dispute the fact that baby wipes are an affordable and sufficient way to clean one’s face, my days of using them as make-up remover/face cleansers are officially over.

I recently decided that whenever one of my beauty products runs out (yes, baby wipes count as a beauty product), I would try to replace it with something chemical free that doesn’t test on animals. Over the far-too-many years I’ve been using beauty products (I try to forget my days as a 13-year-old traipsing around in green eye shadow and bronzer far too dark for my complexion), I have learnt that most of the time, it is worth spending extra on products less-damaging to your skin. Often, they actually do what they say on the label and last a hell of a lot longer than cheaper brands. So, as I solemnly wiped off my face with my last baby wipe, I did some research and found the brand Origins.




Their Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash is so good and suitable for all skin types. You only need a tiny amount, some running water and with a bit of lathering, you’ll find your palms full of frothy goodness.

Post-face smother, as you splash your skin with water, you can actually hear how squeaky clean it is.

So far, in my efforts to revamp and de-chemicalize my toiletry bag, this has been my favourite purchase. It leaves my skin glowing, feeling refreshed and completely dirt-free. Trust me, it really is magic!



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