Curing the Common Cold, Naturally

The dread of winter: waking up with a blocked nose, sore throat and chesty cough. The next time you’re cursed with a common cold, squash the urge to run to the nearest drug store and stock up on tablets and syrups. We’ve had our fair share of ailments this year and although souring our moods at times, these bouts of illness have made us a whole lot wiser when it comes to finding natural ways to heal.

There are plenty of plants, herbs and oils that, along with some descent sleep, can alleviate pain and restore health. Here are some of the most accessible and affordable remedies we’ve used! In case you need further convincing, Em used these remedies and was smoking cigs within three days of waking up with a cold!


Oregano Oil

Fact: dried oregano is sooper doper yummy sprinkled over potatoes. Oregano oil on the other hand, tastes like shit. Two or three drops in a glass of water is enough to make you squirm but this natural antibiotic works wonders. Whenever you feel you have a sore throat or a cold coming on, chug some oregano oil in water before your morning coffee and you will notice a difference after a few doses, we pinky promise!

Garlic, Lemon, Honey

We don’t recommend eating these three together, but each are infection-fighting antioxidants! Peel and crush a clove of garlic, hold your nose and gulp it down. It’ll keep your cold at bay, as well as any unwanted attention from nearby humans. To give your immune system an extra boost, cut a lemon in half, peel one of the halves and eat it to soak in all of its natural, nourishing elements (prepare for more face squirming). Take the other half and squeeze it into a mug, add a scoop of honey and hot water then stir up all the soothing goodness for a cleansing and healthful drink.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This marvellous creation seems to cure everything! It removes skin tags, soothes sunburnt skin, removes tooth stains, makes your hair real shiny and, when diluted with water, disinfects your throat and relieves pain! It might be a struggle to gurgle, and you might emit an apple-cidery scent for some hours after, but the ease of pain and general mouth-cleanliness is worth it!

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