Big Girls, Little Women, And The Spaces In Between

A good story never ages. Certain themes simply live forever — like struggling to form an individual identity, dealing with societal inequality, avoiding creeps, and grappling with the passage from childhood to adulthood, to name a few. In her renowned… Continue Reading

Midsummer Day Dream

There are few feelings like it — waking up to blue skies, wearing minimal clothing, smelling exquisite flowers as you walk to work and spending evenings outdoors until you realize it is in fact 9 p.m. and perhaps you should eat something before drinking… Continue Reading

Our Favourite ‘Low-Key Political’ Designer Takes It Up A Notch

Evan Ducharme has never shied away from making a statement. The Vancouver designer makes made-to-order pieces with only local fabrics – which is not the easiest thing to do in a world of $3 tank tops. “I’ve always been kind… Continue Reading

Chill as an Instrument of Oppression

By Emma Paling Men don’t feel the pressure of chill, my friend Julia told me on Sunday night, because they’re the ones who invented it. “Men are the sole beneficiaries of chill,” she said. “They’re the ones who are imposing… Continue Reading