Top Miracles of 2015

1. If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late came out and now Meg likes Drake

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2. Stephen Harper’s Worst Nightmare WAS REAL

He lost a federal election to a heartthrob named Justin, the son a beloved past Liberal prime minister.


3. A Woman was TIME Magazine’s Person Of The Year

There have only been three other women ever made TIME’s Person Of The Year, but really that’s not that bad cause they didn’t even allow women to be considered until 1936! Merkel was awarded the title for her leadership in handling the Greek debt crisis, the Syrian refugee crisis, and that whole thing where Putin’s annexing Ukraine.  TIME published an article titled “Here’s Why It’s Been 29 Years Since A Woman Was Person Of The Year,” as if there could be a reason other than their own editorial incompetency and white male Anglo American bias. The Pope just keeps being a man! That’s not their fault!

Even when a woman was the most effective leader in literally every single most threatening situation on Earth for a year, TIME wants credit for acknowledging her existence. And it’s a miracle they did!


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4. U.S. Legalized Same-Sex Marriage

The United States Supreme Court ruled in June that state bans on same-sex marriage are a violation of the 14th amendment. There’s still a long way to go to eliminate discrimination and inequality based on gender and sexuality around the world, but this was a sweeping decision that made a major change across the country all at once. What a big step for a nation that seems to move at a snail’s pace.


5. COP21 Paris Climate Agreement

Most of the leaders of the world agreed that we’re ruining the Earth and we should stop doing that at some point. Headlines around the world celebrated “the end of the fossil fuel era” and decision to “transform the global economy.” Changes in Canada won’t be immediate, but in the end this deal does mean we will have to completely rehaul the country’s economy. The things we consume, the jobs we have, the way we get around . . . none of those things can really be the same anymore.


6. Saudi women vote… and vote for women

Women in Saudi Arabia cast their first votes in a municipal election, where women were also running as candidates!!! Nearly 1,000 women registered as candidates to go up against the 5,938 men in the running. The elections weren’t the most important vote in the country, but as one woman who voted for the first time told the BBC, “this is a historical moment.” Women had to vote in separate polling stations from men and still aren’t allowed to drive, but for context remember this country didn’t even have elections from 1965 to 2005. Speaking of that …


7. Myanmar had an election!

A famous advocate for democracy won power in a country that’s seen little of it. Aung San Suu Kyi’s party took slightly less than 80 per cent of the contested seats in Myanmar’s first election since a civilian government was introduced in 2011, following almost 50 years of military control. The Nobel Peace Prize-winning woman had previously been under house arrest for 15 years because of her efforts to bring democracy to the country.


8. Animals no longer property in Quebec

Quebec passed a law calling animals “sentient beings” rather than property. This sounds logical right, but you’d be shocked how rare it actually is (it’s not even the norm across Canada). The act applies to farm animals, pets, and some wild animals. Don’t even get a pet goldfish if you’re not going to care for it properly, said the province’s Agriculture Minister Pierre Paradis. Damn straight.


9. You can buy beer at the grocery store

V chill choice, Ontario. If you get off work at 9:30,! And soon maybe weed? What a great country we may have after all.


10. Nicki Minaj

She exists, for starters. As if that wasn’t enough: Minaj single-handedly started an international conversation on racism and sexism in the music industry with a couple shady tweets about Taylor Swift. She deserves all the awards.

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