The Beauty Of It

Smornings are our new name for mornings, because that’s how they feel. Getting out of bed is an accomplishment, but leaving the house feeling content and confident is a whole other challenge.

What should I wear? How much make up can I be bothered to put on? How greasy is my hair? How hairy are my armpits? Do I really give a fuck?


My smorning face.

It’s taken years, but I actually don’t care about the hairy body parts – until I remember to shave in the shower, I will never return to the shower to shave. But in most instances, I do give a fuck. I wake up each day wondering what outfit will make me feel good, if my hair will look crazy, if I’ll be able to do my make-up with my ancient eyeliner … this reality is upsetting and unnecessary and I hate it.

It really bothers me how much we hear the warped message that in order to feel fulfilled and emanate health and happiness, consuming a million different products is obligatory. It makes mornings and the seemingly endless what-to-wear predicament even more pressured and frustrating. I too often feel like I’m trying to live up to ridiculous expectations and it does nothing for my self-esteem or general merriment.

I have always been aware of this harmful mindset but I have rarely been proactive about changing my habits… until recently. This new moon, I decided to do me every single morning. I no longer whine about the make up I don’t own or curse the baby hairs that wisp around my face or dream about the poster I saw in Topshop of that model wearing those pants and that shirt. Or how “happy” I’d feel if I looked like her. Instead, I send my body some love (because everyone should try to love the body that serves them) and notice my mood and think about what I feel like wearing that day.

What clothes make you feel good in your body? What make up can you be fucked to put on? What colours do you feel like wearing?


Be your own top gun.

If you feel like you when you’ve got some banging lippie on, then wear that lipstick more often! If leggings are calling your name next Monday because you’re tired and lazy, then wear ‘em. Lace up those Converse All Stars if you think they’ll put a skip in your step. Who cares if you break all of Karl Legarfeld’s rules. You’re no less valuable for wanting to be confident and comfortable.

This new approach to my morning routine does not solve everything. I’m far from perfect. I still find myself making mental lists of the items I want to purchase with my next paycheck and I still direct quite a bit of anger towards my hair most mornings (praise goddess above for hats and dry shampoo). But I am happier.

When I dress up like myself and really do me, I am confident for the rest of the day. It’s easier to embrace whatever comes your way and spread good energy to others when you’re feeling good about yourself.

So next time you find yourself feeling dejected, don’t dwell – think about what would make you feel better tomorrow. It could be digging out art supplies and finally putting paintbrush to canvas. It could be waking up fifteen minutes earlier so you’re able to fit in some yoga or an extra cup of coffee before leaving the house. Or it could be something as simple as wearing bright red lipstick.

Try to dress up like your imperfect but perfect self every day. You and those around you will be happier because of it. Pinky promise.



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