New alert system will warn Torontonians of sexual violence

Women in Toronto will soon have a new way to stay safe with METRAC’s safety information system. The service will alert subscribers to sexual assaults and harassment in the city, through the medium of their choice–text, Twitter, Facebook, emails, or even voicemails. It’s a truly revolutionary way to keep women in the know.


METRAC is an organization that fights violence against women and youth through education and prevention. It was founded in 1982 when a group of women decided to take action following a string of particularly brutal sexual assaults and murders of Toronto women. They announced the new alert service last week along with Jane Doe (who Witchslapped once interviewed for a profile on feminist activist Julie Lalonde), a woman who successfully sued the Toronto police after they failed to warn the public about a serial rapist. The new system also includes a street presence to raise awareness about issues surrounding consent and violence, shown above.

“Rape warnings often work to regulate and control women’s movements and lives instead of placing accountability and responsibility on the perpetrators of the crime and its systemic nature,” said Doe.  METRAC’s system “brings us full circle. The project will allow community members to access critical information and has allowed them to craft their own warnings and messages of awareness and education through art.”

Sign up for the alerts as an early adopter here!

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