Midsummer Day Dream

There are few feelings like it — waking up to blue skies, wearing minimal clothing, smelling exquisite flowers as you walk to work and spending evenings outdoors until you realize it is in fact 9 p.m. and perhaps you should eat something before drinking another park beer. Summer is a season that invites us to spend more time outside, appreciate the world around us, enjoy the company of those who make us happy and smile at strangers, just because. And today marks the first day of that blissful season.

For those who reside in the Northern Hemisphere, today is the longest day of the year. It is the day we are blessed with the most hours of sunlight and this year, the Summer Solstice is extra magical because it coincides with a full moon. This is a rare event that hasn’t occurred for 49 years, and something that won’t occur again until 2022, so cherish it sweet baes!

This is the most light we can feel on Planet Earth.


Each season is remarkable in its own way, but there is something extra special about summer. It is a season that incites hope. Aside from all the activities natural warmth and sunlight allows for the physical body, it is also easier for our minds to feel optimistic about day-to-day routines and the future. This positivity is especially welcomed at a time when our planet needs as much love, compassion and hope as it can get. It feels as though hate and mistrust has been even more apparent than usual recently. The future seems dismal — uncertain at best. But each minute we take to appreciate nature, each act we take to make someone’s day easier, each smile we compel selflessly, and each moment we take to check our privilege, helps. And all of this feels easier to live when you don’t have to be cooped up inside, trying to stay occupied and warm. As much as we might not want to admit it, the seasons do influence our daily attitudes and actions. As does the moon.


Summer doesn’t solve all of our problems. It doesn’t make being human easy, but it does make things easier. So try to make the most of this extra long day. Try to make the most of these few months of solid sunshine and smiles. And try to take advantage of the low-key pleasures summer somehow makes seem more attainable ☀


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