Home Deco on the Cheap

We learned two things moving apartments this month. First of all, moving is expensive af. Secondly, the space in which you reside has a huge impact on your general mood. When you live in a cluttered space, your mind is often just as jumbled. When your room is clean and reasonably tidy, other tasks and projects seem much more manageable. When your bathroom is full of mold and grime and showering isn’t relaxing at all, taking care of yourself in other ways also becomes less of a priority.

We realized having a fresh start in a new space is a blessing. We had the chance to curate our new bedrooms to reflect our personalities and make them a space we actually want to return to  everyday. But our bank accounts were not happy. Having to pay first and last months’ rent, the moving company and various other bills, we didn’t have much leftover to fill the new place with furniture. So we got resourceful and trust us  it was way more fun than a trip to Ikea.

Here are our thrifty moving tips:

☆ Invest in a dresser. Both of us spent the first few weeks picking out outfits from piles of clothes on our bedrooms floors, which isn’t ideal but patience is a virtue okay? After perusing Kijiji and local antique furniture stores, we found the perfect dressers that fit our desired aesthetic.



☆ Get creative with yo’ jewels! Most of us know how annoying it is to get your necklaces in a tangle and most of us also know that we can’t afford to spend $50 on a jewelry stand from Urban Outfitters (ew). So why not take a trip outside to a local park and pick up some sticks to hang those accessories from. It’s a free and pretty darn cute way to store jewelry and ensures you won’t have to spend twenty minutes untangling those chains!



☆ Flowers. They will brighten the gloomiest of days and a whiff of those sweet things will make your soul sing. And there’s no need to buy a vase, grab a bottle of vino, drink it all and use the bottle! Also, the flowers don’t even have to be alive. Dried flowers are just as beautiful as living ones!



☆ Yet again, Value Village is your best friend. We went to a few houseware stores to see what was up and guess what was up? The price of everything. So we decided to check out VV and as usual, it provided everything we needed! There were dozens of photo frames to choose from, each unique and weathered in its own special way. And the comforter/bed sheet selection is a dream, especially if you’re into florals.



☆ See the potential in the not-so-cool items at Value Village. This lamp was sitting on the shelf all gold and crusty but with a bit of sandpaper, some white paint and a VV lamp shade, it’s become quite the magnificent lamp! A layer of white paint also turned the knobs below from a tacky welcome sign to a nice lil wall-hanging for purses.



☆ See the potential in literally everything! Who needs a real shelf when milk crates exist (and are free in your local alley)?!


We’re both pretty into our new rooms and for the first time in months, we look forward to coming home after work. We had the chance to get creative and devise the delightful space we had always dreamed of!


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