Goddess Playlist: Mellow March

Just because spring is here, doesn’t mean we’re chipper like the damn birds. The season transition (/all the crazy moon shenanigans) seems to take its toll on one’s health and general wellbeing. If you’re pretty much always falling asleep, trying to get over the sneezes and sniffles of winter and struggling to find the energy to do literally anything, we have a playlist that might interest you. Granted, it might not be the most ideal soundtrack to your mornings, but these songs will ferry you to a calm place at the end of a hectic day.

goddess march

These goddesses have us swooning over their sublime, soulful voices. All we wanna do is light some candles, build a cushion fort and listen to the stories these gifted gals share through their beautiful music!

P.S. don’t miss #6. We’re obsessed with Yuna‘s cover of Frank Ocean’s Thinkin’ Bout You !

P.P.S shout out to fellow Canadian, Cold Specks!

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