Goddess Playlist: Gates of Heaven


There are few things more constant, loyal and comforting than music. No matter how rubbish your day has been, it’s reassuring to know you can blast your song of choice through your headphones to put a spring in your step. And if you’ve had a beautiful day full of love and smiles (every day has that potential, even after all the shit-dealing), the right tune can send you to cloud 9, where singing and busting moves is a struggle to resist.

Peachy tunes aren’t hard to comeby nowadays, but there are still swarms of talented musicians who, in our opinion, don’t have the attention they deserve. Many cool-as-eff female musicians have crossed our paths recently and we want to share their inspiring sounds. So we decided to start putting together monthly playlists consisting of female musicians or vocalists, all of whom are goddesses (because we all are) and all of whom are just SO DAMN COOL.


Here, we present to you the first in a series of goddess playlists. Beginning at the Gates of Heaven where angels bless your ears with their sweet, sweet crooning. In case you didn’t realize, it’s 2015 – the gates to heaven are open!


Leave us a comment with your favourite female artists and we’ll check them out for the next playlist!


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  1. Love this idea guys. You rock. I vote for some Stevie Nicks (because duh) AND SOME Shania Twain because even you country-hating girls can’t tell me that Shania is not a goddess. Sorry for the double negative.

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