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We’ve all been there  jolted awake after an inadequate amount of sleep, by a sound we either already do or grow to despise. We sigh, trying to open our eyes just enough to find the screen that will make the unholy racket stop. Then comes a few bittersweet minutes to sink back into the pillow that supports our dreams, eyes closed, cherishing the comfort of our covers and the solitude to be found when lying in bed.

It’s likely the most present we’ll be all day. Because as soon as those few treasured minutes are up, it’s back to the screens, the notifications, the anxieties, the fatigue, and the coffee.

Why is this lifestyle glamorized? Why do we so casually disregard our own physical and mental health in the name of hard work and dedication? Of course working is necessary if we are to pay rent and keep ourselves alive. And commitment to other projects and relationships is essential; they feed the soul. But it is so easy to become wrapped up in always working on something useful and not missing out, that we forget to check in with ourselves. To sometimes prioritize your needs does not mean you are a bad employee, a bad friend, or a bad human. It also doesn’t mean you’ll never fulfill your creative desires. You’re not a bad writer if you don’t pick up a pen every time you have a spare moment. Your imagination needs attention too.

take care

There are many simple things we can do, or not do, that might curtail feelings of inner turmoil and bring more emotional stability.

flowaKnow when to take a step back and remove yourself from a situation that isn’t serving you. Taking time away doesn’t make you a rubbish friend. When solitude calls, try not to worry about offending other people  your emotional needs are important.

flowaFeel your feelings when you feel them. Life is full of ups and downs, the secret is to not resist them — let life flow through you. If you’re sad, cry. If you’re frustrated, dance aggressively or punch your pillow. If you’re happy, smile, laugh, and be grateful. Being a human is hard, but the ups make the downs worth it. There are people around you who are there to make life easier. Accept their love. And the shitty times, as shitty as they are and as unremitting as they may seem, don’t last forever. In fact, the worst of times often precede the best.

flowaI know this is typical af and probably what your mum tells you every time you complain about being a tired li’l bitch, but practice yoga — like, actually. Try a local studio and take advantage of cheap first month membership, and then (because no one can afford this shit) practice in your room. Your body is a vessel you need to exist on this planet. It supports you, it gets you where you need to go, and it functions even when you drink too much, don’t eat well, or don’t sleep enough. The least you can do is check in with each limb before bed, breathe deeper than you have all day and stretch or massage the muscles that need a li’l love. It’ll do wonders for your overworked mind too!

flowaSleep for a solid amount of hours often. It’s ok to to bed at a grandma hour a few nights a week. Watch something or read a chapter and remind yourself that tomorrow morning, you’ll be worshipping yourself for doing so.

Recognize how important you are, and accept the value in embracing a balance between work and self care.


thank u tumblr for these wise words


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