Dipping Our Toes in at Vancouver Fashion Week’s Opening Gala


When we found out we were going to Vancouver Fashion Week, we were so excited Emma almost knocked herself out bouncing on the sofa. We felt fortunate to be a part of such an exhilarating and creative event—our first fashion week! However, we were in no position to buy a new outfit for each day of the week. So, we spent several hours trying on the clothes that stared us in the face every morning. We weren’t sure how fancy the opening gala would be and the last thing we wanted was to feel uncomfortable. Some swears and sighs later, we decided on outfits we felt confident, cool and collected in—outfits that made us feel ourselves.


Thank you to Street Scout for this photo of us! Check out their street style from yesterday!

We arrived with wet nails, empty stomachs and wide eyes, taking in all the unique style around us. We soon realized there is no such thing as being over or underdressed for fashion week. Everywhere we turned, there was someone dressed more elegantly or more casual than us!

The opening gala consisted of an introduction to the week and two runway shows highlighting both international and Canadian designers that will be exhibited in the coming days. Inside the venue, the crowd was buzzing—people snapping photos, journalists conducting interviews on the runway and guests mingling with their drinks.




What would fashion week be if the event itself wasn’t fashionably late? We took our seats and waited for the introductions to begin. To be honest, we couldn’t think of a more captivating place to be twiddling our thumbs. There were intriguing characters everywhere we looked and plenty of gorgeous clothes to drool over. And thank goddess above, there was loud music and chitchat to mask the rumbling of our stomachs. We certainly regretted the absence of food in our bellies—aside from the plate of sushi we missed, the only snack offered to us was an olive-filled cherry tomato! #fashion


First things first, Stephen Harper sent his warmest greetings as did Vancouver mayor, Gregor Robertson, whose handsome face we were forced to look at for several minutes while some technical difficulties were worked out. Who would’ve thought politicians could make even fashion dreary?! But maybe some people cared.

Finally, the runway lit up and the fashion commenced! The first show consisted of designers from around the globe and there wasn’t an empty seat in the house! Most guests had their smartphones out taking photos, making snapchat stories and looking genuinely intrigued and impressed by the designs sailing past them. Here are some of our favourite looks!













A still from the video played in the interval, directed by acclaimed Vancouver designer, Evan Clayton.


With a renewed vibrant energy soaring around the room, the second half of the evening showcased Canadian designers, many of whom were from BC. People weren’t afraid to voice their enthusiasm for these designs, you could feel a sincere sense of support and pride vibing around the venue. Here are some of our favourite looks from designers we can’t wait to see more of during the week. Stay tuned!






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